Membership Committee

The Membership Committee educates members and potential members in the benefits of membership to the APTA and PPTA. It remains a voice of the membership to bring issues to the Board of Directors of the PPTA, and effectively illustrate the benefits of belonging to APTA/PPTA in order to achieve 60% membership of eligible licensees in the commonwealth and a 95% retention of current PPTA members.

The committee builds a strongly-educated profession of physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and students within the Commonwealth that would value membership to such a professional association that protects their rights and advocates for their future. The Committee is composed of one member from each District plus one Board-appointed member who will serve as Chair. The PPTA Secretary is the Board-appointed liaison to this committee.

Committee Members

Kara Kobal
Membership Chair
Term Expires: 12/31/22 
[email protected]

Brittany Sponsler
Westcentral District Membership Committee Representative
[email protected]

Paula Johnson
Southcentral District Membership Committee Representative
Minority Affairs Committee Member
[email protected]

Lindsay Carroll
Southwestern District Membership Committee Representative
[email protected]
Lauren Paulshock
Northeast District Membership Committee Representative
[email protected]
Melissa Lesser
Southeast District Membership Committee Representative
Acute Care SIG Chair
Term of Office: 1/1/17-12/31/19
[email protected]

North Central District Membership Committee Representative

Andrea Kessler
Northwest District Membership Committee Representative
[email protected]


Membership Subcommittees

Minority Affairs Committee

Chair: Jazmine Tooles

Started in March 2017, PPTA's Minority Affairs Committee aims to implement best practice strategies to advance diversity and inclusion within the profession and improve cultural competence. We have partnered with schools, camps and Girl Scout programs to spread awareness about the profession to diverse groups as well as sponsored membership of student leaders who are minorities. Members are engaged on an individual level in diversity initiatives within their own communities, clinics and academic environments. Primary communication via email and teleconference. All are welcome to join!

PPTA Mentorship Program

The PPTA Mentorship Program aims to connect students, new professionals, and those looking for the opportunity to grow with a variety of experienced PPTA mentors. The program will consist of informal small group sessions via conference call to discuss topics related to clinical practice areas, leadership, and clinical decision making.

Current mentor groups that are available to join: 


Once you complete either group's form, you will receive an email regarding the upcoming sessions.

Please contact PPTA Membership chair Lauren Bilski for more information.