Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for fostering ethical practice in physical therapy as defined in APTA’s Code of Ethics. The committee shall educate the Membership and the public regarding ethical practices in physical therapy, shall provide a visible presence for the Membership, the public, the insurance industry and legislature regarding activities to prevent and curtail unethical practices in physical therapy, and shall be responsible for hearing ethical complaints against members in accordance with APTA’s Procedural Document on Disciplinary Action. It is made up of four members with one serving as Chair.

Committee Members

Pam Pologruto Pam Pologruto
PPTA Ethics Committee Chair
(Term ends 12/31/19) 
[email protected]
pt_moran_kelley Kelley Moran
Northeast District
PPTA Ethics Committee
(Term ends 12/31/20)
[email protected]
Carolyn Haggerty
Carolyn Haggerty
Acute Care SIG Secretary
Term: 1/1/17-12/31/19
Ethics Committee Member
Term: 1/1/18-12/2021
[email protected]
Mary Wardrop Mary Wardrop
Southwestern District
PTA Laision
PPTA Ethics Committee
Term: 5/2017 to 12/31/18 
[email protected]


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