I want to get involved! Where do I start? 
As part of the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association's Membership Committee, Connect PA! is here to help you find a place to get involved!

The PPTA and the Membership Committee value your skills and experience!  Connect PA!  prizes diversity in our chapter.  We hope to hear from PTs and PTAs who are experienced professionals, new professionals, and student members!  Together, we make the PPTA community!

What Connect PA! can help you do:

  • Direct you to information, events, and people within your district
  • Provide members with mentoring opportunities, including both clinical and professional development
  • Direct you with a Special Interest group/SIG for educational updates
  • Bring student members information about awards, scholarships, and other exciting volunteer opportunities at the district, state, and national levels

The value of belonging to the PPTA:

  • Connections to FREE district meetings, educational events, continuing education, and local events
  • Quality education at state and local levels that is approved by PA State Board for mandatory contact hours
  • Opportunities to network with experienced clinicians, researchers and administrators

Connect PA! is here to help link you to the right group – that fits your needs, your interests, and your professional goals. You can participate with short term or longer term commitment, which ever fits into your schedule!  
We will continue to update our activities and information on the 
PPTA web page (www.ppta.org).  You click on Get Involved ! Connect PA ! in the upper right hand corner of the home page for more information.  

We need your time and talents and we value your membership.

        We look forward to connecting with you!

Click of the Month

Would you like to learn more about the PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathways (APP) Program, which help PTAs advance in the Physical Therapy practice area of their choice?  Check out the two links below for more information!




Featured Events (Members Only) 

Do you have pictures from the PPTA Annual Conference, a district event, or from your clinic?   We would love to showcase our members through photos here!

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If you would like to submit a photo, please do so below!