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March Meeting

Date: Wednesday March 12, 2014

Topic:  Wheelchairs: A review of current topics for basic examination, evaluation, prescription, options for equipment and Medicare rules and regulations

Course Description:  Physical therapists play a key role in procurement of wheelchairs. Availability of types of wheelchairs and regulations for coverage and payment are frequently changing. Wheelchair prescription options vary from basic manual wheelchairs to expensive power wheelchairs. A review of wheelchair prescription including key evaluation and examination components will be discussed. Examples of current options for wheelchair seating and positioning from varied manufactures will be provided. The government mandated competitive bidding process and its effect on equipment prescription will also be discussed.


  •         Understand key postural and anatomical physical exam findings for wheelchair prescription
  •         Describe wheelchair prescription factor including qualifying factors and diagnosis, K Codes
  •         Provide examples of manufacturers lightweight and ultralight manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and seating  equipment
  •          Describe current Medicare rules, regulations, and competitive bidding process
  •          Discuss options for therapist referral

                Lauren Glime-Wilson, PT, DPT, NCS
                Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital

                Chuck Hepler, ATP

Time: 6:30-8:00PM
Arcadia University, Brubaker Hall, Rm 102
450 S. Easton Road, Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038


March 22, 2014--Second Annual Mini-Combined Sections Meeting.  MORE INFO AND REGISTRATION

May Meeting


Date: Wednesday May 14, 2014

Topic:  APTA House of Delegates Update

Speakers: Robin Dole, PT, DPT, EdD, PCS and the elected SED delegates

Description: This year the house of delegates for the APTA will be meeting in Charlotte NC. Tonight is your opportunity to get an overview of the policies your elected delegates will be discussing, debating, and voting on. Come out and learn what is being discussed at the national level. Your delegates want to hear your opinions and this is a nice public forum where you can speak directly to all of the delegates

Time:  6:30-8:00PM
Drexel University, Geary Auditorium B
245 North 15th St., First Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102



Spring 2014  The Annual SED Wine Tasting and Dinner