ThiS page is intended to update you about the transition to new PPTA management and to keep you apprised of the goals PPTA is accomplishing post-transition.

Emails are being sent to the membership but, if you’re not receiving them, you can come here and find links to those communications. Please check back frequently for additional information. 

Thank you for your cooperation in the interim during our transition!


New PPTA Staff


PPTA is excited to welcome its new management firm, Concepts Management Group (CMG)! CMG will handle the operations of the association. Located a few miles from downtown Pittsburgh, CMG provides executive management services for nonprofit associations. CMG is no stranger to APTA component management, providing executive and component management services for HPA The Catalyst and the Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy.  They manage other nonprofit groups, assisting with membership, organizational development, communications planning and development, and strategic planning. PPTA is excited about this new relationship to move the association forward toward the vision to transform society.

Allison McIntosh

Allison McIntosh